Different Meat Slicer Uses (and How it Saves Us over $2,000 Annually)

Meat Slicer Uses and Saving Money

Disclaimer: As an Ebay and Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases on this page. In this post, I thought I’d talk about a kitchen appliance my family and I have been going bonkers over the last few months. No it’s not a robot personal chef, but rather, the humble meat slicer. For people who … Read more

12 Homemade Cleaning Solutions to Save You Money…and the Environment

12 Homemade Cleaning Solutions to Save Money and the Environment

Household cleaning products is HUGE business, valued at over $25 billion US in 2016. When it comes to cleaning around the home, most of us turn to commercial products, indoctrinated by the cleaning industry that says the only way to get things clean is to use an off the shelf product. I guess before Mr … Read more

8 Cheap Meals to Keep Your Grocery Bill Down

Budgeting for grocery! It’s a hot topic. I must admit, I spend an absurd amount in groceries, it’s terrible.  I watch my budget on shopping for personal items, clothes, makeup, kids clothes, toys, etc. All that, but I struggle with the grocery budget until I found these 8 awesome cheap meals to keep my grocery budget … Read more