Best Ways to Save Money for College Education: A Guide for Parents and Teens

best tips for saving money for college education

When it comes to expenses, college education ranks high up there for any young adult. According to Statistics Canada, undergraduate students paid an average of CAN$6,580 for the last school year, which was 1.7% more than the average for 2019/2020.  American colleges are showing similar hikes in tuition fees. In fact, US News reports that … Read more

Different Meat Slicer Uses (and How it Saves Us over $2,000 Annually)

Meat Slicer Uses and Saving Money

Disclaimer: As an Ebay and Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases on this page. In this post, I thought I’d talk about a kitchen appliance my family and I have been going bonkers over the last few months. No it’s not a robot personal chef, but rather, the humble meat slicer. For people who … Read more

How to Negotiate and Save Hundreds of Dollars on Recurring Household Bills

How to Negotiate and Reduce Recurring Household Bills- Save on Cell Phone, TV, Satellite, Internet and Other Bills

One of the smartest moves I made at the beginning of this year was actually a telephone call- to my internet service provider to be exact. In a little over 30 minutes – including the “on hold” time – I walked away with over $400/ year in savings. Not bad for less than the time … Read more