10 Virtual Assistant Statistics Every Freelancer Must Know in 2021

Virtual Assistant Statistics

Virtual assistants have completely transformed the way modern companies and entrepreneurs conduct their businesses. Tim Ferriss, famed author of the “4 Hour Workweek” credits virtual assistants as the key for him to be able to scale his business all at the same time working less. In short, VAs are the unsung heros of successful businesses … Read more

Different Meat Slicer Uses (and How it Saves Us over $2,000 Annually)

Meat Slicer Uses and Saving Money

Disclaimer: As an Ebay and Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases on this page. In this post, I thought I’d talk about a kitchen appliance my family and I have been going bonkers over the last few months. No it’s not a robot personal chef, but rather, the humble meat slicer. For people who … Read more