How to Find your First Winning Product on Shopify- Product Research Methods

Find Your First Winning Product to Sell on Shopify- 5 killer Product Research Methods to Uncover Trending and Hot Products on the Web!

Product Research is perhaps the most overlooked yet crucial step in making serious money from your Shopify Store. You’ve probably heard this many times already- it only takes 1 winning product to net $10k a month, even $100k for some people.

In my post “How this kid makes $1.5 million a month from his Shopify Store“, I share one way Mike Vistel does product research for his Shopify Store, by searching on Facebook for product posts with lots of likes, shares, and comments, especially comments that show buyer’s interest.

But Facebook is just one way to find trending products that give you the best chance of success selling on your own store. Why trending products? Because they are selling well already. It’s much easier to grab a slice of a pie that’s in front of you then try to create a pie from scratch, by predicting the next big thing. Makes sense?

Here are 5 more invaluable resources that I use often, and that do all the work for you in uncovering hot products that people are going crazy over right now.

1. Aliexpress Weekly Best Sellers

Whether or not you’re using Aliexpress to drop ship your product, the site provides an invaluable source of data on products that are doing well right now. One feature I constantly use is Aliexpress’s “Best Selling” list:

Shopfy Product Research using Aliexpress

You see the hottest selling products right now:

Shopify Product Research Using Aliexpress

You can do the same thing on Amazon as well, which has a best seller’s list that’s updated hourly.

2. Spy on Other Shopify Sites

You can take your research straight into your competitor’s stores, by looking at similar Shopify Stores in your niche, and even finding out their top selling products.

To do this, go to, and type in:

“ + niche”

Where “niche” is the niche or actual product genre you’re researching to sell. How about “wooden sunglasses”:

Shopify- How to Look for Similar Stores in Niche

This will bring up Shopify stores in the same niche or those selling the same product you’re looking to get into (especially ones hosted on the sub domain).

But wait, there’s more! As you browse similar Shopify sites as yours, you can also see their top selling products by tacking on the following parameter to the end of the store’s root domain:


For example:

Shopify- Sort by Best Sellers

This trick is insane, and literally opens your competitor’s vault to reveal what types of products in your niche are selling like hot cakes now.

Note that this trick doesn’t work on all Shopify Sites, as some stores have caught on and disabled the feature. But it works on enough stores to give you a huge leg up on what products to focus on.

3. List of Popular Shopify Sites

Another way to research winning product ideas is by looking at the products the most popular Shopify sites are selling. For that you can use the site

Just go to this page, which lists all the Shopify Sites hosted by Shopify, sorted by popularity:

Finding the Most Popular Shopify Stores

Fun Fact: The reason you’re seeing “Canada” in all of the listing is because Shopify is a Canadian company.

The first few pages are dominated by big brands selling their own products, but as you scroll down to the 7th or 8th page, you start to see successful Shopify stores using the drop shipping model, which you can draw massive inspiration from.

You can apply the same sneaky trick of finding out a lot of these stores’ top sellers, by adding “/collections/all?sort_by=best-selling” to the store’s root domain.


A key component of good product research for your Shopify store is to see what’s trending and selling well already in the marketplace. is a massive drop shipping oriented store (over 125 million visitors monthly). As such what’s selling on that site is a good indicator of what’s resonating with consumers in general.

The best part? lists the number of items each product on their site has sold to date, taking the guesswork out of which are the most popular products.

I like to go to, type in a product I’m researching, then pressing “Crtl + F” to use the browser’s search feature to instantly highlight all products that get x number of sales or above:

Using for Shopify Product Research

5. Watch Count

And finally, another site I turn to often to find that golden nugget of a product is by looking at what’s popular on eBay.

But I’m not going to eBay, I’m going to instead, which sorts eBay products by how many people are currently “watching” it:

Ebay Product Research for Shopify

Like all the other techniques above, once I find a potentially winner, I hop on over to Aliexpress, and see if I can find either the exact, similar, or even a better version of the product, and put it on my store for testing.

More Ways to Do Product Research

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What’s your Go-To Method for doing Product Research?

Everyone has their own method of doing product research, and there isn’t one that triumphs all. It’s all about having a wide array of resources to tap into. You never know what will strike gold for you.

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Find Your First Winning Product to Sell on Shopify- 5 killer Product Research Methods to Uncover Trending and Hot Products on the Web!

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